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Walero Race Wear Sponsor Of Calum Lockie

Walero Race Wear sponsor Calum Lockie

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Calum Lockie Sponsors

2021 Sponsors of Calum Lockie Racing

Sponsor Calum Lockie

PR & licencing rights, preferential VIP hospitality and commercial marketing initiatives. Find out more on the sponsorship home page.

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Calum Lockie Services

Calum Lockie is available for team racing, driver coaching, passenger experiences, driver track days, commentary, public speaking and TV appearances.

Driver Coaching

Driver coaching with GT champion Calum Lockie. Professional driver training by the hour/day.

Driver Coaching

Passenger Experience

Ultimate passenger experience,  your mum in the passenger seat. Calum behind the wheel.

Passenger Experiences

Marketing & Appearances

Corporate engagements, commentary, Tv appearances & promotion.

Corporate & Marketing

Motorsports Sponsorship

Brand ambassador & sponsorship in motorsports. Sponsorship packages tailored to your needs.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Motul Oil

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“A fantastic present for my mum, 119 MPH around the Goodwood race circuit with her CL ultimate passenger experience.  Highly recommend.”

Jo Kemp, Author


Calum Lockie Driver Coach Mirror Signature Glasses
Race Driver & Driving Coach - Calum Lockie

Calum Lockie – Race Driver & Driving Coach

Book one of Scotlands finest professional racing drivers for race events, driving tuition, corporate track days, voice-overs and TV appearances.
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