‘Outlast’ technology used by NASA , Walero baselayers actively regulate body’s core temperature.
Walero has used NASA based  technology to develop the most advance motorsport racewear on the market. 

Walero’s temperature regulating baselayers, come from a desire to protect drivers from the strains of racing whilst at the same time provide a boost in performance. 

The physical effort of racing, the heat of the cockpit and inadvertently insulating safety wear that drivers wear can be a dangerous cocktail of factors. Walero has provided the solution to the heat stress, fatigue and drop in performance suffered by drivers due to heat. 

The FIA states; “When central body temperature reaches or exceeds 37°C, the driver may experience muscle fatigue, lapses of concentration and even loss of consciousness. In cases of intense heat, the wearing of a cooling garment could help to keep the central body temp below 39°C.” 

Walero racing baselayers. By using the same ‘Outlast’ technology used by NASA , Walero baselayers actively regulate your body’s core temperature to within safe levels. 

Independent test results show a reduction in heart rate and in perspiration, which can drop by over 8% and 30% respectively.   The benefits include reduced heat stress, fatigue and  higher levels of performance through increased reaction times and concentration. 


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