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RT Quaife Engineering Ltd is a global leader in the performance automotive drivetrain industry.  Supplying motorsport users, volume OEM and commercial customers with a wide variety of precision-engineered products for cars, motorcycles and specialist use vehicles.
From club-man rallying up to Formula One, tens of thousands of automotive and motorcycle users depend on Quaife products to maximise their vehicle’s performance.  Headquartered in the South East of England, close to the Brands Hatch racing circuit, and employing eighty plus staff at two high-tech facilities,
Enjoying ISO 9001-2008 quality accreditation and a client list that includes the world’s largest car manufacturers, Quaife boasts advanced design and production technology’s with unrivalled expertise and experience in this field of engineering. This is why they are recognised as a market leader in automotive transmission technology.

Why Mod Your Car With A Limited Slip Diff

YouTube reviewer Petrol Ped was invited to Quaife, specialist diff and gearbox manufacturers, for the tour of the factory and to find answers to all of his questions for modifying his Mini R59 JCW Roadster.

“Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) limited-slip differential is the perfect traction solution that delivers noticeable performance on racing days”

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