Bespoke Racing Trailers From Brian James Trailers

Based close to the world-famous Silverstone racetrack, Brian James Trailers founded in 1979, have been crafting a diverse range of quality trailers for over forty years.

With a wide catalogue and the option for bespoke customisation, Brian James trailers offer a solution for professional race teams.

A long-standing partnership with the manufacturer of the finest race and track day trailers. You’ll see them in the paddock on all Gold Track days.

Brian James Trailers T6 Transporter Review From –

Keeping to tradition the new T Transporter range is fit for all modern vehicle transportation requirements.

Built with commercial as well as private transport in mind, every aspect of the operation is simple and efficient. To provide for any eventuality T Transporter can be configured with the ultimate in low loading equipment.

Combine the benefits of a hydraulic tilt-bed and the advantages of long loading ramps to provide loading angles as low as 5 degrees. – Review by

Brian James Trailers have got a trailer to suit any motorsport or track day need.  Find me on a goldtrack day.   I will be happy to advise on what might be best for you.

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