Just 3 days after Zandvoort we were on our way to the Goodwood Revival to race Sean and Laura Danaher's sublime 1938 Maserati 6CM Grand Prix car. I had not raced it since this meeting last year when we achieved a great P3 on the podium despite a fuel supply problem. Again, with no testing and the most competitive grid there has ever been, I was thinking we were in a bit of trouble. Targeting a top 3 in qualifying I was resigned to something further back. Making sure we were first out I set off and gave it everything. However there was loads of traffic with 30 cars all doing their thing. First time round my pit signal said P1. Next time P2 then P4 and and then P5! I was beginning to think all was lost when I came out of the Chicane and saw an empty track in front. This was it!! Pushing as hard as I dared I had a clear lap all the way to the braking area for Woodcote. Ahead I saw car and thought the lap was gone but I was able to dive past and keep it going. Crossing the line I did not know pole was mine but next lap round it was on my board!! Pole for the 3rd time in 6 years by 0.147 secs. I was feeling under some pressure as we went towards the race on Saturday. I had finished on the podium for the last 5 years and was keen to keep that record going. It is one thing finding a clear lap and getting pole, quite another holding off a host of fast cars all intent on swamping me off the line!! I focused hard on my practice start on the green flag lap. A good start was going to be crucial if I was to stay in touch and have a chance of a good result. Off the start I had a big challenge from a Bugatti but held it off and set off leading for the first lap. Onto lap 2 he blasted past me running up to Madgewick using his superior power. I slotted in behind and soon saw oil spraying onto my windscreen and visor from the car in front. This was going to be interesting!! See some footage of this on Youtube. I followed him for several laps all the time expecting another car to come by. He wasn't getting away and I saw my chance outbraking him into Woodcote. I was back in the lead!! Pushing hard but aware of the very fast Gillies ERA behind I was expecting an overtake at any moment. Finally it happened so I focused on hanging onto him as best I could in case of any opportunities later in the race. Again I was surprised not to be left behind by the superior performance of the 2 litre car. Hanging on I started to see that he was having lots of oversteer on corner exits so I was able to gain a little each time. There was a lot of oil down so the track was becoming ever more slippery. Then my chance came as he went sideways coming out of the Chicane. However, with traffic in the way he was able to regain the lead into Madgewick. However, another chance came and I swept by into the lead and held it to the flag. We had done it.... probably one of the most unlikely wins!! Celebrations were long and champagne was drunk in good quantity!! A huge thank you to Sean and Laura and all at Goodwood for another amazing event.