After testing on Friday we were happy with the car and ready for battle in the next rounds of the British Endurance Championship.

Qualifying was fogged off so we all waited. About 30 minutes late we ventured onto track and with new tyres on scrubbed them in and set a banker lap to claim provisional pole position.

David jumped in and completed his laps to qualify before I got back in to scrub the second set of tyres for race 2. I also had another attempt at a fast lap and despite being held up at the last corner posted a 1 min 5.299 sec lap. This was 8 tenths quicker than last year so the team were all pleased. 

Race one came up fast and I shot off from pole into a good lead. Pushing hard and watching track limits my 50 minute session soon came to an end. The team called me for my pit stop to hand over to David. 

All went well and David was just about to set off when a small amount of smoke was spotted coming from the rear of the car. We delayed David's departure to investigate and Dan, the number one on the car, found a hydraulic leak. We could have gone on but there was a risk of fire so we pulled the car back into the pits to investigate further. In the end it was a small fracture in a high pressure hydraulic pipe so it was just as well we stopped.

And due to the points scoring system we had done enought to win our class and score good points for the overall championship with our nearest rival finishing only one place ahead of us.

As ever the FF Corse team worked wonders and had the car sorted and tested well ahead of the next race. This was critical as we were in a good position to seal the overall championship, having already won the class 2 championship.

Starting 3rd on the grid the lights went out and I made a good start to lead into Farm Corner and put my head down. Pushing hard again my session became even more interesting when a car blew its engine and spread a huge amount of oil round the circuit. Oil was already present from a previous race so half the lap was now well coated. This in essence was not a problem although I had a few big sideways moments. The session went quickly and before I knew it the team were calling me in for the hand over to David. This time all was well and David shot off onto the track and contending with ever worsening conditions brought the car home safely to seal our second overall British Endurance Championship in a row.

Next stop is Snetterton for the VSCC Seaman Memorial Trophies Meeting in the Maserati 6CM. As ever, it’s always a treat to race this car.